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Looking for budget cutters in your genealogy research? Below are some freebies:

** Your local library or Family History Centers sometimes provide free access to HeritageQuest Online, a research service with census records and family histories.

** To add historical photos to your family's story, take a look at this listing of online databases at: www.familytreemagazine.com/article/photodatabases.

**If you need assistance finding information on a Civil War soldier or sailor, a cemetery or battlefield, this National Parks site may help: http://www.civilwar.nps.gov/cwss/

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Update: New Indiana Ties family history website is www.indianaties.net, with my new family research blog at www.indianaties.com. Come on over for a visit.

This website was my starter site and I had a lot of fun sharing the stories and information here. But I now have a new website and blog that will be expanding considerably on this family history. For now, this site will stay as is. But, updates on all of this information will be a part of my new adventure in genealogy research and family history writing.

A few of my families lines are: Albers, Beerman, Niehaus, Weber, Kuhn, Micol, Marsischky, Keen, Risch, Wilmsen. My research at this point identifies ancestors from Germany who emigrated to America between 1828 and 1886. The hunt continues. I would be glad to share family ties with you.

I hope my Indiana Ties websites give you some hints to your family history. Maybe it's the research links page that will give you some leads. Or the pedigree chart that may have that tidbit for you. You never know which of your skeletons you may find in my attic.

If you do in fact make a connection to one of my family ancestors, please let me know. I would be glad to share the documentation and delve into any kin we may have in common. A new page of family history is always cause for celebration. Please send me an email at nancyhurley1 at gmail dot com.

I would love to have you visit my new website and let me know what you think. Go to www.indianaties.net.

Thanks again for stopping by. Happy hunting!

Nancy Niehaus Hurley


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