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Indiana Ties

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About my services:

I am a native Hoosier and dedicated genealogist who is familiar with the research resources available in central Indiana.

I request payment of the fees for individual lookups in advance. Package costs for research or Personal Memories Gifts are payable 1/2 in advance and the remainder upon your receipt of the finished product.  

I am committed to producing quality work that results in 100% client satisfaction.  There will be communication at regular intervals during a research project and a summary of the research at completion.  I adhere to the Standards for Genealogical Research recommended by the National Genealogical Society.  

Although we all hope to find every type of documented information on our family members, it is a fact of genealogical research that there are no guarantees that the information about our ancestors can be found, or even exists.  That is what research is all about, searching.  Fees cover the costs of doing that research.  I will use the most efficient means of determining the existence of the records you seek and will report to you if I determine we have come to a dead end.

Genealogical Society Memberships:

Genealogical Society of Marion County (Indianapolis)

Indiana Genealogical Society

Indiana German Heritage Society

Indiana Historical Society

Palatines to America

National Genealogical Society

Note:  These memberships do not represent accreditation.