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Indiana Ties

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Let's get started finding your Indiana Ties:

I have access to the excellent state and local genealogical resources in Indianapolis and at the nationally recognized genealogical library in Fort Wayne. If you need assistance in locating a family home or other site in my area, I can find it for you and send a digital photo.   I will design a research package to fit your specific needs, one lookup or a full history.  

We will agree on the research plan before I begin based on both expediency and accuracy.  Let me know your requirements and I will respond with an estimate for your approval. 

Below are some examples of the types of work I am available to do:

Primary documentation - censuses, probate or land records, marriage and death records.  

Secondary records - city directory information, obituaries, tax lists, local historical information. 

Cemetery services - location of a cemetery or grave, photo of the gravesite and burial information from the cemetery records.

Photographs of family sites - photography service for family homes, workplaces, gravesites or any site associated with the family's history.  Digital photos are available by email or prints can processed and mailed.

Overall Family Research - a combination of research services may be packaged so that you are provided with any and all historical information on your Indiana Ties.  


bulletIndividual Lookups for census, city directory search of five years, marriage, birth and death records -  $8.00 each
bulletPhotographs - Digital online $1.00 each; Prints $1.50 each.
bulletHourly Research  -  $20.00
bulletCopying and postage charges are extra. 
bulletMy goal is always to make the most efficient use of your time and mine.  

Contact Information

Contact me to discuss your research needs:    
bullet     You may use the Feedback form
bullet     Or email me -

    Or if you prefer snail mail, send a brief description of your needs to :  Nancy Hurley, P.O. Box 36057, Indianapolis, In 46236

I will contact you with a proposal, including the estimated time and costs.  We will then agree on my services.