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Indiana Ties

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My Heritage page is a place to find Hoosier, Indianapolis and German heritage information. Provided here are resources that can help you to answer the why's, when's and how's of your ancestors' life if you share a common ancestry with my family.  Many people who are Hoosiers share the German heritage that my family claims.  Keep watching the page for all kinds of resources and bits of information . There is more to come, but for now, I hope these links will be of interest. 

Indiana has many resources for exploring your heritage.  Following are a few that offer ways for you to fertilize your Hoosier heritage tree:

Indiana Gen Web Project:                             

Indiana Historical Society:                     

Indiana Historical and Genealogical Societies:

Indiana State Library Genealogy Division:

Indiana State Archives:     

County History Preservation Society:

Allen County Indiana Genealogy Library:


Indiana German Heritage links that may assist you in developing your family history:

Indiana German Heritage Society:

IUPUI Max Kade German American Center:

German Clubs in Indiana:

Germany In Us:                   

History of Batesville, Indiana:

Dearborn County, Indiana - Lawrenceburg/New Alsace:

New Harmony, Indiana:                            

Oldenburg, Indiana:                  

German Genealogy Tips:

Roman Catholic Church in Southeastern Indiana:


Indianapolis' German Community:

The Historic Athenaeum:

Essay on Local German Influence on Culture:

Emmaus Lutheran Church:

Fountain Square:       


St. Mary's Catholic Church History:

Sacred Heart Catholic Church History:

Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ: