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Indiana Ties

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Your Family's Life Stories:

A Personal Memories Gift

There is a way you can give a gift that won't fade or shrink and needs no batteries!  Record your own family stories or choose a favorite family member whose memories you would like to save. What a valuable gift to pass along! 

I have developed a product that will preserve a family's unique and valuable stories.  I do this by linking the memories of your chosen relative (or friend) with photos and community history.  The end result is what I call a Personal Memories Gift (PMG).  

The PMG can be in the form of either an audio recording (CD) of your family member's own words or written stories as collected in an interview.  Either way, these important and unique memories that are cherished by your family are preserved.  This is truly a gift that cannot be matched!!

I will be happy to provide you with a brochure and sample of my Personal Memories Gifts or to discuss any questions you may have. Feel free to email me at  


bulletPersonal Memories Packages range from $39.95 to $59.95, depending on the type of interview or story you select.
bulletExtra copies of the CD or Written Story are available at discounted prices.
bulletA package is designed to suit your needs.  


To order your Personal Memories Gift: 

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